IPTV/OTT services (X-Dream Group)

IPTV/OTT services (X-Dream Group)

Stand-alone or cloud-based IPTV/OTT software solution.

ModernTV IPTV/OTT solution is a software enabling operators to transcode, package, store and distribute their live or VOD content through the majority of existing platforms.

Combined with easy to use back-office (CMS, SMS, API,..etc.) and prepared to receive EPG or VOD metadata or connect to third-party systems, it is been built as a complete end-to-end ecosystem to make the life of IPTV/OTT operators much easier.


  •     Real stand-alone IPTV / OTT end-to-end solution
  •     Deployed by over 500 companies (TELCO, ISPs, etc.) around the world
  •     State of the art transcoding into various video streaming profiles suited for a vast range of supported devices including mobile devices, Apple TV, Android TV, and more …
  •     Low hardware requirements and scalable environment (hardware cost vs. performance)
  •     Solution supporting multicast
  •     Fluent streaming at low bitrates using ABR technique
  •     TimeShift, nPVR, Multiple audio tracks, Parental PIN, and other functionalities
  •     Easy administration and User-friendly back office
  •     Speedy deployment and easy on the fly future scalability
  •     Dedicated technical support
  •     Detailed system monitoring
  •     Updates and features continuously verified through a sister company with over 100,000 satisfied subscribers
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