4K OB-Vans

Technology K.A.R provided 4 Units 4K OB-Vans. This project is considered one of the largest OB-Vans projects in the MENA region

and the largest in North Africa and Egypt. The OB units can work with a maximum of

24/20 cameras (UHD / HDR) and with an interior space of around 13.5 m X 4 m, the

OB-Van offers up to 18 staff members a spacious and relaxed working environment.

The vehicle is equipped with a multi-format production system based on 4K / 3G-SDI Quad Link /HD / HDR formats.

The OB-Vans are intended to cover huge sport, entertainment, enterprise, and governmental events. The OB-Vans’ first live production took place on the mid of 2021.